Voltage Reducers and Voltage Limiters are two terms with the same
meaning.  They are used in conjunction with two 8 volt batteries to reduce
the voltage from 16 VDC nominal to approximately 13 VDC.  This allows
two 8 V batteries to power 12 V loads without applying over voltage to
those loads.

A Voltage Reducer/Limiter is a low cost solution when minimal use of 12 V
loads is expected.  For example a vehicle equipped only with lights and
expected to be driven mostly during daylight.  
SPS PN 20434 is rated for 16
ADC Continuous and 20 ADC intermittent.

Heavy use of 12 V loads using a Voltage Reducer/Limiter will over stress the two
batteries and lead to premature failure of the battery pack.  In the case of radios,
frequent use of lights, and other high drain 12 V loads a
DC/DC Converter is the
appropriate product.


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