Isolated DC/DC Converters are a cost method to draw 12 V power off the entire
pack and maximize not only the life of the batteries, but also the range of the
vehicle.  Some battery manufactures will not warranty batteries for early failure
unless 12 V loads are powered by a DC/DC converter.

Isolated converters are appropriate for wet, corrosive or dusty environments.  
They protect the converter from damage due to inadvertent shorts to frame and
they can help protect the 12 V loads against a single point of failure.

There are a number of isolated models to choose from:

46/36 VDC Input

    16 Amps constant, 20 amps intermittent

    With input& output fuses in harness, PN 30100

    Fully encased in metal and connectorized with Deutsch
    Connectors, PN 14165

    20 Amps constant, 25 Amps intermittent, PN 22132

    With Deutsch connectors

72/60 VDC Input, PN 22131

    20 Amps constant, 25 Amps intermittent

    With Deutsch connectors


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