SPS Electronics Inc provides custom design, development and
manufacturing of power electronics for a broad range of applications.
Power levels are typically from 100 W to 100 KW and include both single
and three phase inputs at 50 or 60 HZ. Previous applications include
supercomputers, military systems, and battery chargers.

Power Factor Correction is often a requirement for the power electronics
developed by SPS. SPS’ power factor improvement experience ranges
from low cost magnetic solutions to active power factor correction
circuits using patented technology.

SPS has achieved power densities of approximately 50 watts per cubic
inch through the use of liquid cooling techniques. At the other end of the
spectrum SPS has designed air cooled power electronics systems
handling over 100 KW. A current SPS products have been rated for 80
G’s of shock, over the road applications in an automotive situation, and
high vibration applications.

SPS designs to meet UL standards and can obtain UL recognition or
listing, FCC approval, and NEMA rating for products at the customers
option. In addition, SPS does extensive design verification testing as
jointly defined with the customer.

Among the custom design projects we have done:

  • 5 kW Converter for EV-1

  • 25 KW Charger for EV-1

  • 1000 A Converter for supercomputer

  • 25 KW Power Supply for supercomputer

  • 500 W and 800 W Smart Chargers

For more information on our custom design capabilities please call SPS
at 952-934-7004.
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8005 Island Road - Eden Prairie, MN 55347
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