DC/DC Converters are sometimes called Reducers or Limiters, but
they are a distinctly different product.  Reducers/Limiters work across
two 8 Volt batteries to produce approximately 12 VDC.  A true DC/DC
converter works across the entire pack and draws energy equally from
all the batteries.

Converters have several distinct advantages.

  • Prolong th life of the batteries
  • Reduce battery warranty costs
  • increase the range of the vehicle
  • provide a regulated output that remains constant as the battery
    pack voltage drops
  • Maintains brightness of lights as the vehicle accelerates or
    climbs hills

There are two types of DC/DC Converter,
Non-isolated and Isolated.  
Non-isolated has one common lead with battery pack and in the design
of SPS this is the B+ lead.  B+ common is the lowest cost approach
and has distinct advantages when used with radios.  

isolated Converter has galvanic isolation (a transformer) between
the main battery pack and the 12 V loads.

See the Isolated versus Non-Isolated page for more information.

Isolated vs Non-Isolated

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