SPS Electronics designs and manufacturers power electronics, including
dc/dc converters, voltage limiters, voltage reducers, battery chargers, and
auxiliary control cards for electric vehicles.

SPS was incorporated in 2000, however its history goes back to 1986
when it was a division of a major magnetics manufacturer and
designed/manufactured power supplies for supercomputers.  In 1991 it
became a separate company owned by the magnetics manufacturer, but
under management of the current owner.  It was purchased by the current
owner in 2000.

SPS and its associated engineering organizations have designed
numerous power electronics products since its inception in 1986.   
Several patents have resulted from these designs.

SPS focuses on the electric vehicle market including Neighborhood
Electric Vehicles, utility vehicles, golf carts and specialized vehicles.  SPS
has over 15,000 units of power electronics in service in the electric
vehicle industry.

SPS also designs and manufactures custom power electronics for
telecommunications and electric utility applications.  SPS specializes in
rapid prototype turn around and low cost / high quality manufacturing.  
Costs of less than $0.20/Watt have been achieved on medium volume

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